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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chill Time with OnePiece...

This post is something a little different to my usual outfit shots in my back garden which are quickly snapped before I head off out but I thought what the hell, a bit of a change on the blog would be good right!
I was recently contacted by OnePiece and asked to become a piece keeper for the original onesie brand and considering my most favourite thing to do is chill in my trackies I of course jumped at the chance of this collaboration.  
They kindly sent me this amazing OnePiece and no joke since receiving it as soon as I step through the front door I step into this bad boy.  This unique brand was created by 3 Norwegians back in 2007 as they were trying to think of the most perfect chill out attire for those lazy days at home, my most favourite kind of days!
Reading fashion magazines, my favourite blogs, choosing my outfit for work the next day and texting mates are a few of my evening rituals which are all now made a lot more comfortable and stylish due to the help of my new College 69 OnePiece

All in one Lounge wear - c/o OnePiece 
If you fancy getting your hands on a OnePiece all of your very own then head on over to OnePiece and treat yourself using my special online offer code - 31FASHIONTATT2 this will entitle you to 20% off! 
You can thank the lovely guys over at OnePiece for that one I think they knew my readers would love a discount just as much as I do!
What do you guy think of my new chill time gear, have you ever heard of OnePiece before? 


  1. Love your one piece xx


  2. lovely!


  3. lovely! love the one piece and your hair is amazing!! x

  4. my ex had a half purple half pink one that I used to nick from her all the time!


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